What are Mobile Analytics and Customer Insights?

Mobile analytics are similar to traditional web analytics in that they capture and present key metrics related to user activities and behaviors on digital entities. However, mobile and in-app analytics provide essential customer insights reflecting volume, frequency, demographics, device usage distribution, and numerous other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Besides performance metrics, mobile data provides the key to creating true 360 degree views of your customer. By connecting data of their online and offline worlds through mobile, companies learn and understand their customers better than ever before.

Mobile and app analytics brings a whole new wonderful way to measure data and understand consumers. Our ability to study mobile user analytics and know our customers becomes the foundation for more effective strategies and campaigns.

How Do Mobile Analytics and Insights Work?

Mobile analytics work through the implementation of code on a website and/or application to track and analyze user movements coming into, engaging with and leaving a website or app. The code is unique to each website and/or app and connects to an interface that allows for the analysis and interpretation of the data gathered through tracking. Mobile and app analytics offer a deeper evaluation of users and their activities, providing valuable customer insights.

Mobile analytics measures:

  • Engagement with an app
  • When, where, how long and how often a user interacted
  • Performance among segments distinguished by like attributes and behaviors
  • Campaign effectiveness based on messaging, timing, method of delivery and other criteria
  • Entrances, exits and conversions by channel

With mobile quickly becoming our primary form of internet connection, businesses and marketers have had to re-think how they measure digital activity. In addition to having more intelligence related to geographic locations and content consumption, analytics for mobile devices and applications take consumer insights further. Integrating analytics for apps, enhances our ability to track and connect with users across more channels than ever before, both online and off.

Why You Should Use Mobile Analytics

If you have a website, an analytics program is probably already an important part of your measurement strategy. But mobile is an emerging frontier providing new opportunities for reaching and understanding our customers. Mobile apps, in particular, have the potential to substantially increase revenue. Studies have indicated that apps can convert up to three times more product viewers than the mobile web.

More importantly, mobile app analytics and customer insights gained from these programs can be connected to other digital properties and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to provide a 360 degree view of customer behavior. With this more comprehensive form of evaluation and measurement, businesses can use the insight to provide stronger content and a more effective omnichannel experience.

How MobileBridge Can Help

MobileBridge is a complete mobile engagement and analytics platform with robust data tracking, capable of assisting with everything from technology integrations to shaping your strategy and measuring success. We specialize in cultivating and interpreting customer insights. But we do more than that, too. Beyond our mobile analytics services, we offer complete solutions for mobile and application strategy. While there are no magic bullets in mobile marketing, a dynamic partner with experience and a track record of success can make the process easier and more effective.

With MobileBridge, you’ll have access to more data on your mobile users than ever before. If knowledge is power, then MobileBridge will work with you to build and execute mobile marketing strategies that produce more engagement, more loyalty and more revenue.  If you have questions, or are curious about the insights you might be missing, let’s talk. 

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