copaco_handshakeI visited one of our customers, Copaco, and interviewed CEO Iwan Kuijpers about the company’s success.

1. What is Copaco on a high level?

We are a value-added distributor operating in the Netherlands and strategically have all the ICT brands. We offer a cloud solution and hence, we launched our app in coordination with the MobileBridge software specifically for the #CopacoCloudEvent. The 2nd one is Logistics fulfillment. The 3rd one is doing easy online business (e-business). So overall, we’re a value-added distributor – one-stop-shop and trusted advisor. We do it now with 400 people employed within the company and we have about 6000 resellers. We are active in the Benelux markets like the Netherlands, Belgium and also France.”

2. Why did you decide to use MobileBridge?

“Previously, communicating with our customers was almost always through one-directional basis. We wanted to find out if it’s possible to create dialogues, by analyzing data or information coming back so that we can communicate in the best way with every customer. So, again, the main goal in our corporate marketing and communication strategy is to build and preserve the relationships we have with our customers through gaining insight into the needs and wants of our customers. The challenge is to gain these insights. It’s all about making (big) data accessible AND actionable.”

3. What features of the MobileBridge resonated well with your business model and what were the results?

“We used surveys, polls, and promotions during the CopacoCloudEvent. The return response rate was over 70%. Normally we ask a question by mail, but the app served a much better return. The way we did used our app combined with your solution, as a result, created 1 on 1 dialogues with our customers.  Additionally, together with your precise analytics and our enriched customer profiles gave us better insight.”


4. How did beacons play a role in the CopacoCloudEvent?


CopacoCloudEvent Heatmap. Source: MobileBridge Platform

“Overall, the use of beacons gave us insights into the behavior of users during an event as well as traffic patterns in the event. This information will be used for the follow-up of the event and for the optimization of our future event planning. Beacon technology helps us to optimize the user experience during an event. This knowledge will not only be used for our own development but will also be shared with our collaboration partners.”

5.     People spend more time on apps than any other channel. Where do you see yourself in the future with mobile?

“Again, it’s the way we communicate with our customers. One-to-one works better than pushing out generic information. If we find the right way to trigger the right customer and get the right dialogue, I think we will be able to in the future, to communicate the right stuff to the right people and not everything to everybody, and that’s the key. We try to personalize every engagement. In the end, we try to give every customer engagement the right value. We represent 145 vendors, from the high-end computer vendors to lighting vendors. So it’s very different kind of customers from one side to the other.”

To read the full story, download Copaco’s client case study here

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