CMOs from across industries met at GBI’s CMO Forum at the University of Oxford in London last week to share ideas and discuss challenges on “Brand Purpose – the Impact of Digital Transformation.” As a gold sponsor of the event, we were proud to have our CEO, Eyal Oster, present “The Mobile Mind Shift,” a presentation on how CMOs should bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds with customer experiences that matter.

The session reviewed the rise of the mobile empowered customer that has fundamentally shifted how CMOs need to think about approaching their markets. New “micro-moments” are where consumers are impacted most, and the expectation is a seamless, valuable experience with a brand, proposing the question: Your customers have gone through the mobile mind shift. Has your company?

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Source: Forrester Mobile Mind Shift Report

The conversation continued with the focus on retailers. How have retailers adapted? Have they evolved enough? There is still a gap in retail’s ability to convert their mobile consumers, so what needs to be the next evolution?


Consumers are no longer loyal to one channel; they’re multi-channel. They no longer wait to go home and look something up online; they pull out their mobile phones on the spot. They don’t ask for a better experience; they expect it! So organizations need to choreograph customer journeys driven by mobile moments to create a true seamless omnichannel experience for customers.

Conversations after the session explained further how retailers can leverage mobile for superior customer experiences. MobileBridge has helped brands drive foot traffic back into physical stores, engage customers to drive loyalty, and provide CMOs more and better data on their customers to connect their online and offline behaviors.

See – this link – to find the full presentation

To learn about creating omnichannel customer experiences, check out our eBook below or contact us to speak with someone about your mobile mind shift.

Retail’s Playbook for Omnichannel Success:

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