Recently this year, we had the chance to host, Chenli Yang and Benjamin Carraud who work for a firm called TinMen Partners – a MobileBridge Partner – with offices in Paris and Shanghai. Both of them are stationed in Shanghai, China and have successfully leveraged the MobileBridge platform in a number of FAW-Volkswagen China apps. We’re excited to share their story and the groundbreaking work they did with FAW-Volkswagen China through an extended case study and interview.

benBenjamin Carraud, is a Project Manager at TinMen Partners, Shanghai, China. Originally from Paris, France, Benjamin is an entrepreneur and an avid lover of automotive sport. He’s worked with Honda, Audi, Skoda, Porsche through exhibition shows and in the past has worked for Exagon Motors. Benjamin has a B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Innovation Strategy from the EDHEC Business School.




chenliChenli Yang, is a Customer Success Partner at TinMen Partners, Shanghai, China Originally from Shanghai, China, Chenli has over 3 years of successful Innovative Project Management directing in O2O product launches, delivering m-CRM, m-Analysis and SaaS solutions to the Chinese market. Chenli has a BS in Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.




Demo Volkswagen China apps

Demo Volkswagen China apps

About FAW-Volkswagen China (汽-大眾汽車有限公司):

FAW-Volkswagen China (FAW-VW), a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group China, is the #1 automotive brand in China having the earliest international automotive presence in China since 1984. It is estimated that China has close to 300 million automobile drivers making China one of the largest automobile markets in the world. Learn how Chenli and Benjamin successfully implemented, trained the FAW-VW team and revolutionized FAW-VW’s mobile apps with the MobileBridge platform in an extended interview and case study below.


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