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DECEMBER 10, 2015

MobileBridge, the technology leader in Mobile Marketing Automation, has been selected by FAW-Volkswagen China to drive their mobile big data CRM initiative.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – December 10, 2015: To propel their mobile strategy, mobile applications (apps) launched by FAW-Volkswagen in 2015 and beyond will be empowered by MobileBridge.

With over 900 million smartphone users, China is shaking up the mobile market like never before. The number of Chinese smartphone users has officially bypassed other major markets including the US, Indonesia and Japan. China is also the number 1 country to download the most iOS apps this year.

MobileBridge provides FAW-Volkswagen the mobile marketing automation and mobile CRM (m-CRM) technologies they need in order to attract and engage mobile-first customers through hyper contextual dialogues and overall, deliver exceptional brand experiences to their mobile customers.

Each interaction and engagement between the mobile customer and FAW-Volkswagen through a MobileBridge enabled-app generates an unprecedented wealth of unique, real-time data offering the marketer unparalleled customer views and actionable big data analytics.

“Together, we believe in the power of contextual agents to implement the vision of a ‘unified contextual experience’, and we are excited to be part of an innovating initiative towards achieving this goal”, explained Nandakumar Balasubramanian, Partner at Portaltech Reply.

About MobileBridge
MobileBridge is the leader in mobile app engagement and analytics. Our platform provides businesses the power to easily deliver compelling mobile experiences that lead to conversions. Through rich, interactive native assets, customers create dynamic, contextual mobile experiences for targeted segments. As a cloud platform, we easily integrate with all existing systems such as CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce or other to connect data to build true 360 views of your customers.

Real-time analytics provides insights into customer behavior and enables teams to make informed business decisions quickly. With offices in Boston, Amsterdam, and London, we help companies like Volkswagen, Pirelli, and Burger King elevate their mobile apps to engage users, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue. Learn more at, check out our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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