Proximity Marketing and Location-Based Technology

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing refers to using wireless, location-based technologies to advertise directly to consumers in a specific geographic area. This form of marketing allows businesses to distribute targeted content to engage users in a physical location. Proximity marketing includes both localized broadcasts and messaging that is targeted to specific devices.

It’s harder than ever to capture customer attention, and even harder to keep it. We expect immediacy, we expect personalization, and if we can’t act right now, then the moment passes and we’re on to the next thing. That’s what makes proximity marketing so effective and exciting. The content we use to engage customers can be anything from discount opportunities to event updates or other messaging that is especially relevant to a customer in or near a location.

How Does Proximity Marketing Work?

Proximity marketing works by leveraging technologies that identify and communicate a device’s geographical coordinates. It does not rely on a single technology, but rather, it encompasses the use of multiple forms of technology to distribute custom messaging based on a user’s proximity to a physical location.

Some of the most common proximity technology includes:

  • Geo-fencing
  • Near-field communications (NFC) tags
  • Data over audio beacons (Ultrasonic beacons)
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  • Beacons
  • Mobile browsers
  • Wi-Fi hotspots with access point (AP) captive portals
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Some forms of proximity marketing require actions from users including:

  • Downloading apps
  • Checking-in
  • Enabling certain detectable technologies on their devices, such as GPS, Bluetooth or browser location identification.
  • Allowing push notifications

Other forms require no user action beyond entering a specific geographical area. Whether a user action is required or not, all forms of proximity marketing rely on the ability to use mobile technology to pinpoint a customer’s location to deliver them compelling, targeted content.

Why You Should Use Proximity Marketing

Push notifications alone just don’t cut it – consumers expect context to each message and touch point with brands. Proximity marketing allows you to capitalize on the moments crucial to a customer’s journey. Location-based marketing can drive new customers who received an alert about a sale or lunch special as they are in the proximity of your location. It can provide experience-enhancing insights to users who are in attendance at an event.

From interactive exhibits at a museum to runway videos of a new Spring line in a department store, the creative applications are nearly unlimited. Proximity marketing allows you to anticipate and meet a user’s needs, answer questions, and provide purchase incentives and upsells in the very moment a customer might be most inclined to want them!

Proximity marketing has proven incredibly effective for businesses across verticals, from retail chains to concert venues. One software company found that by enabling beacons in their venue, They were able to foster a 70% completion rate for an in-app survey. Reaching your customers when they are in the best position to convert is a powerful opportunity that any brick and mortar business can leverage.

How MobileBridge Can Help

With all of the proximity marketing solutions available, it can be overwhelming at first. MobileBridge makes the process easier by helping you choose and activate the method that makes the most sense for your business. Once you’re started, MobileBridge can help you shape the form and content of your messaging.

But MobileBridge isn’t just a proximity marketing company. In addition to getting you started in location-based marketing, we can help you connect your data across multiple channels to analyze your customer behaviors as well as automate customer journeys to allow you to scale quickly.

With the insights the MobileBridge engagement platform provides, we can help you measure and refine your mobile marketing efforts to ensure that your message is resonating and producing results. If you’ve been waiting to incorporate proximity marketing into your brand’s customer engagement strategy, get in touch with us.

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