Customer Journey

Lucy caught in the rain

The MobileBridge platform identifies the best moment and right location for interacting with each of your customers individually. The “right time” is different for everyone so we optimise customer engagements based on a wide range of data. Please watch the video below for an example. It shows how the MobileBridge platform engages with customer Lucy, who is caught in the rain:



The MobileBridge platform focuses on conversion. It combines real-time location and situational data with existing user data for targeting the right moment to serve content that invites user participation and conversation. With incentives such as promotions, loyalty points & gamification, we drive engagement and conversion across all channels. And successful engagement drives higher quality data, enabling a virtuous circle of improvement.

Don’t just take our word for it

Working with brands such as Burger King, Bilka, Galbani & Praxis, we drive genuine two-way conversations, identifying the perfect time to connect with a customer and the right incentive to keep them engaged.