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FAW-Volkswagen China drives long-term customer engagement with the MobileBridge platform

In one of the largest automobile markets in the world, customer engagement is a priority for all automotive brands. But although FAW-Volkswagen had built their own app to try and drive engagement, it just wasn’t working. Their app downloads and retention rates were very low, and engagement was poor. After working with TinMen Partners – a MobileBridge partner with offices in Paris and Shanghai – FAW-VW used the MobileBridge platform in a highly successful app.

The FAW-VW apps were simply not delivering the engagement that was required. The amount of downloads was low in the first place, and the amount of returning users was declining. This was because the apps were trying too hard to replicate the functionality of the FAW-VW website. They didn’t feature any contextual engagements or one-to-one dialogues with the user and most importantly, didn’t offer the personal experience that users really want. A successful mobile strategy should also draw actionable data in order to understand the customers’ full view – FAW-VW was not achieving any of this.

The first step taken by TinMen Partners was to train the developer and marketing teams at FAW-VW in the MobileBridge technology deployed within mobile apps. All employees soon felt very comfortable with the platform, with TinMen using actual real-world content, personas and automation creation during the training. It took just a few hours to raise their level of knowledge and confidence to the point where they could create a full customer journey in a MobileBridge-powered app. Those journeys featured contextual engagements such as:
• Promotions
• Games
• Rich messages
• Surveys
• Polls
• 360° images & videos

The final app in this phase was created for the Guangzhou Auto Show, one of the biggest automotive shows in China. TinMen created a gamified app, the core of which featured a game called DragonBall. Anyone downloading the app would get an explanation through geo-fencing, on his or her phone when entering the exhibition centre. For every FAW-VW car the user would ‘chase’ (stand close to it for a second, and be registered by beacons), he or she would get a DragonBall. After they collected five DragonBalls they won a prize. The app would then generate the voucher for a pair of sunglasses to redeem immediately at the exhibition booth.

There was a 60% adoption rate for the app at the Guangzhou Auto Show, meaning 60% of the people who download the app had enrolled in the featured asset functionality that was built into it. Half of these people completed the featured journey, an excellent result in itself, but even more impressive if you factor in the exhibition centre’s poor phone signal and Wi-Fi.But perhaps the biggest indicator of success was FAW Volkswagen’s plans for future apps. The company expects to have a minimum of eight mobile apps to cover all of its front-line marketing strategy, including an app for a new car release, an app for FAW Volkswagen race team and an enterprise level app.

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