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How Burger King Gains Market Share with Great Customer Engagement

Burger King had an even greater challenge as they were the last of the major chains to establish a presence in Russia. Facing the challenge of gaining mindshare in an already saturated market, they turned to their mobile app to create an innovative customer experience differentiator to drive people to walk into their restaurants over the competition.

Initially, Burger King had multiple apps for their various campaigns. Incredibly difficult to manage and maintain, they defined a strategy that consolidated them into one mobile app that had a strong focus on engaging their customers and leveraging promotions and loyalty rewards to drive foot traffic into their stores and ultimately increase conversions. Partnering with MobileBridge, they built an integrated, engaging mobile app that has seen dramatic organic growth in usage and ultimatelyhas driven business to each of their 400+ locations in Russia.

To do this, they implemented key capabilities of the MobileBridge platform:

  • Branded native assets such as promotions and games to entertain and engage their customers
  • Loyalty program with points (“crowns”) for specific actions such as app utilization, promotion redemption and survey completion
  • Integration with their CRM to build detailed customer profiles to better target and engage
  • Integration with Burger King POS. Each restaurant has approximately 5 tills, which means customers can redeem their coupons at over 2000 stations
  • Personalized surveys to gain increasingly detailed information on their customers for improved segmentation and retargeting
  • Geo-location and beacons to identify the customer’s location both near and inside the restaurant to present the most relevant messages and promotions at precisely the right moment
  • Automated workflows that presented appropriate content to users based on their profile oractivity data

Without any mass marketing or advertising of the new mobile app, Burger King has seen tremendous organic growth in the number of app installs in the first 90 days, demonstrating the perceived value to customers. Their strategy to target promotions to drive foot traffic worked. They have seen promotion redemption rates in excess of 34% after 90 days, driving additional traffic into the restaurants. Additionally, survey completion rates were a remarkable 85%+ for the same time period, indicating their users are engaging with their app and open to providing more information for a more personalized experience. As customers engage with the mobile app more and more, Burger King is building a more comprehensive profile of each individual customer and planning for additional, more personalized campaigns to their advocates moving forward.

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