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MobileBridge drives mobile engagement with visitors of Copaco Cloud Event

Copaco is a leading IT distribution company selling networks, data storage, industrial and consumer electronics and operates in various European markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Copaco has an extensive portfolio of resellers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Xerox,Fujitsu, Microsoft among others which convert Copaco technologies into final goods and services.

Copaco’s main challenge revolved around their communications and data management. Prior to implementing the MobileBridge platform, engagements among vendors, partners, distributors and customers were often limited through a one directional basis. The dialogues weren’t clear or actionable enough to let Copaco’s marketing team understand their mobile audience.

By addressing communication and data management challenges, Iwan Kuijpers, CEO at Copaco decided they needed a powerful mobile app and opted for the MobileBridge platform to increase their mobile engagement. Copaco’s app was first used at their Copaco Cloud Event, with over 600 distributors, decision makers, vendors, customers, partners, press, and prospects present.

By deploying beacons – that were configured on the MobileBridge platform – at the event booths, Copaco was able to engage with the visitors who were located near a beacon range. They could tailor the engagement for visitors with a contextually relevant profile by providing like a survey or a poll. For example, a customer received a survey on ‘what kind of beverages they like to drink at an event venue.’ as they waited in the cafe line. The customers who engaged by answering that they ‘liked coffee’ instead of ‘tea’ would get a certain in-app invitation to get a special coffee promotion.

The MobileBridge platform provided Copaco actionable data based on in-app’ behavior, an in-app survey, coupons redeemed, opening of messages. Additional data also coincided with Copaco’s CRM database which synchronized through the MobileBridge platform as well as location-based data gathered from beacon technology. With the combination of all sets of data, customer profiles become enriched giving the mobile marketer actionable data and as a result, he or she can continu to fuel mobile journeys with rich content, surveys, 3D animations, videos, loyalty points, games, polls, push messages etcetera.

Over 70% of users responded to the surveys, in-app promotions and polls powered by the MobileBridge platform. As a result Copaco gained a lot of data, giving them better customer insight going forward. Copaco CEO Iwan Kuijpers: “Normally we ask a question by mail. The way we did it through the app combined with the MobileBridge solution was to create a 1 to 1 dialogue with our customers, together with the precise analytics and by combining customer profiles.

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