Customer case

Deploying beacons for engagement with shoppers at the Iso Omena centre

Iso Omena is an attractive shopping center in Espoo’s Matinkylä district. The shopping center houses more than 100 stores specializing in fashion, interior decoration, leisure and well-being,while offering a complete range of grocery super-markets, a foodcourt, a chapel and a library.

Citycon, the owner, developer and manager of more than 60 retail properties in Scandinavia, Finland and Estonia, wanted to pilot a beacon enabled mobile app for providing new and innovative ways to engage with the shoppers whilst collecting valuable data about footfall, dwell times, conversion, campaign performanceand app performance.

1. Hybrid app for iOS and Android
2. Deployed 50 beacons inside the mall
3. Beacon vendor
4. Digital Agency Luxus WorldWide

– Time to market and cost forthe mobile app delivery
– Mobile Analytics –actionable data with shopper behavior inside and outside app& conversion rates
– Enables micro-location based engagement and loyalty program through mobile
– Platform engaging shoppers with coupons,surveys, polls, videos, loyalty points & 3D product spins

The Future Retail Iso Omena mobile application leverages beacons deployed throughout the shopping mall and engages more than 22K daily shoppers with offers, rewards, location sensitive information of retailers, and much more.

Citycon’s IT Director Juha Eteläniemi: “Our goal is to continuously improve the shopping experience and strengthen the economy of local communities by applying a wide range of digital consumer channels to our shopping malls.

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