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Leading Dutch Do-it-yourself Retailer Drives In-Store Sales with Mobile

Lacking the right technological tools for capitalizing their mobile channel, the leading Dutch DIY retailer saw poor ROI both online and in-store. After partnering with MobileBridge, they saw an immediate return on their mobile channelwith increased active users, customer engagement, retention & loyalty, data management, conversion rates online and in-store over a 6-month period.

Before MobileBridge, the retailer’s mobile channel didn’t bring any return. First of all, it lacked an active mobile community. Users weren’t actively engaged in their app, nor did users convert online or offline the app. Likewise, marketers couldn’t leverage actionable data about their customers nor drive users through the funnel on their e-commerce site by increasing conversions,basket size and decreasing abandon cart rates. Install rates, active users, engagement, sessions and overall retention rates were plummeting. Additionally, there was no location-based campaigning of beacon or geo-fencing technology which could have drived customer footfall traffic into stores.

By partnering with MobileBridge to implement an all-in-one mobile engagement & analytics solution, the marketing team was empowered to utilize their mobile channel as a user generation and revenue-making machine. First, marketers leveraged external data about their customers by connecting their CRM and e-commerce platform to MobileBridge, and as a result, the integration provided the team a full 360 degree view of their customers. Data became actionable as they segmented users into personas and profiles using customer attribution filters native in the platform. Then marketers drafted out visual mobile journeys which comprised of different scenarios for each persona ensuring that each user had a personalized, engaging and contextually relevant experience in the app AND in the store.

Marketers leveraged ready-made engagement assets like location-based coupons, messages,polls, and tutorial videos, all of which could be triggered by any combination of user activity or profile data. Additionally, with geo-fenced and beacon-based campaigns, they created a multi-touch solution that triggered invitations to users to the stores for exclusive deals and promotions. As a result, they scaled up with massive return though all channels including their mobile app,in-store and online. They also were able to build a thriving mobile community with increased DAU, installs, and sessions while at the same time, increased user retention rates. Key features of the solution are:
• Connects with CRM, e-commerce and other marketing platforms to maximize actionable data
• Manages location-based, targeted campaigns with beacon and geo-location tools
• Easily rolls out ready-made engagement assets and templates for your branded content
• Segments different buyer personas, profiles and custom attributes of customers
• Empowers marketers to create customer journeys that drive revenue, engagement & loyalty
• Increases conversion rates overall via shopping cart size to bottom of the funnel
• Maximizes user experience by creating multi-touch, omnichannel engagements
• Converts users both inside or outside the app (e-commerce, website, in-store, geo-range)
• Analyzes actionable data to enable quick data-driven business decisions

Within just 6-months after launching a revised app, the retailer saw an astounding 1135% increase in install rate, over 8000% increase in sessions, over 1200% increase in new users, plus an active 40.000 DAU (: Daily Active Users). Additionally, their engaging campaigns resulted in increased new and returning footfall traffic in over 100 stores throughout the Netherlands. On the e-commerce side, their conversion rates skyrocketed with increased basket size and decrease in cart abandon rates.

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