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MobileBridge helps major Hypermarket Chain with new Mobile Strategy

Wanting to drive better customer experiences by gathering data via satisfaction surveys, this major Danish hypermarket transitioned from traditional on-receipt surveys to a mobile strategy that not only gained them a plethora of new customer intel, but also created engaging experiences for customers in store that drives revenue.

As a customer focused company, this Danish hypermarket launched a survey program to collect valuable feedback from shoppers to ensure they were meeting expectations and continuously improving. They promoted these surveys on sales receipts – highlighted at the bottom of each itemized receipt was a link for a customer to go and answer a few questions. Response rate was terribly low – only about 150 surveys a month were submitted. They needed a better way toensure they stayed competitive in today’s retail environment.

The team partnered with MobileBridge to initially implement an app-based survey program to drive an increase in customer responses to their satisfaction surveys. However, once the team became familiar with and saw the power of the engagement capabilities of the platform, the project quickly evolved from only customer surveys, to a full on relaunch of their mobile app with renewed mobile strategies to drive not only customer feedback, but engagement and ultimately revenue.

Now when a mobile user walks by a store, they receive notification of today’s discounts, tailored based on their particular preferences. Each store also employs ten to twelve beacons to interact with shoppers when they are in the store. For example upon entrance, customers receive a welcome message with a promotion for a free gift they can redeem at the register. Other beacons trigger games, sale notifications, leaflet offers and of course, surveys. Key features of the solution are:

• Ten to twelve beacons within each store to engage customers as they browse and shop
• Geo location triggers for each store
• Rich push messages that welcome customers into stores as well as present leaflet offers
• Customer satisfaction surveys triggered upon exit of the stores
• Detailed user profiles capturing customer preferences
• Inbox for rich messages and notifications
• Mobile wallet for promotions and discounts
• Games to promote interaction and engagement with customers
• Integration with their POS for code collection and scanning to redeem specific offers

Within just weeks of launching their renewed mobile app, this retailer saw a dramatic increase in their initial initiative – the number of customer survey responses. They received over 4600 responses with 38,000 answers in the first month. Additionally, of the people who received and saved one of the promotional offers, 15% converted into a transaction. Added to that is the increase in app usage, they now have 40,000 active users of their mobile app. An active mobile app community results in loyal customers and ultimately increased return visitors. Their integration between MobileBridge and their POS allows them to track specific promotions and offers to the campaign to quickly see what is working and what is not. In general, this retailer is excited about future growth in their competitive space and we look forward to partnering with them to accelerate their mobile business.

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