October 24, 2018  •   Momentum Partners

Didi Taihuttu joins Momentum Protocol

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We are fortunate to add Didi Taihuttu as Momentum Protocol’s Ambassador. Didi is a Dutch entrepreneur, traveler, writer and speaker, particularly known for promoting cryptocurrency .

Taihuttu gained fame with his family by selling all their belongings and buying Bitcoins. Their lives are based and financed mainly through the digital bitcoin currency. Didi appeared on several International news outlets and programs, Arte and CNBC have also made documentaries about him and his family.

Sander de Bruijn our Director of Business development is mutual friends with one of Didi’s best friends so the link was easily made.

Interested in more information about Didi and his family? They have a website on which they document all their travels! Checkout the adventures of The Bitcoin Family here.

Welcome aboard Didi!

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Momentum Protocol Didi Taihuttu