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Future Resources signs partnership agreement with Momentum Protocol

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Future Resources signs partnership agreement with Momentum Protocol

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14 September 2018

  • App and Web Development platform “Aison” partners with Momentum Protocol

Momentum Protocol announces its collaboration with Future Resources to allow integration of its Flagship App and Web Development Platform – Aison – with Momentum Protocol to continue growing the partner eco-system for its blockchain based loyalty and reward points program infrastructure.

.Zug, Switzerland –September 2018 – Momentum Protocol the Blockchain based loyalty and rewards eco-system, has signed a partnership with Future Resources – the technology company offering “Aison” a Cloud Development platform on which customers can easily build custom made apps and websites.  Both Momentum Protocol and Future Resources will be looking to increase the adoption of their platforms as a result of this collaboration.

“It is important that our platform Aison has a powerful and easy to use toolset to deliver what our customers need and demand. We already offer the MobileBridge Marketing Suite, which has been integrated to the Aison platform. The Momentum Protocol added as a standard, fully integrated platform strengthens our offering and jointly we are able to deliver a very strong yet very simple to adopt solution. We see the Momentum Protocol as a logical evolution in the loyalty and rewards industry and a natural use of the blockchain. Our mission is to enable customers to easily build a Mobile app or Web app and immediately have access to market leading location-based marketing, and blockchain based loyalty and reward points capabilities.”

Future Resources recently launched a new app called “Pacer”, which is going to utilize the Momentum Protocol to reward runners at athletics tracks with points for improving their running performance.

The Momentum Protocol (Zug, Switzerland) is set to revolutionize the customer loyalty and rewards points market by setting a global standard for launching loyalty points on the blockchain. It allows companies to quickly create new or convert existing loyalty systems on to blockchain, which solves some of the biggest challenges for loyalty and reward points programs. The Protocol enables brands to issue their own privately branded loyalty and reward points tokens and make these available to improve consumer marketing. This will power unprecedented level of customer engagement, efficiency, liquidity and value.

As more companies migrate their reward programs onto the Blockchain for improved performance and higher customer satisfaction, they face serious challenges and problems due to the lack of standards and compatibility, high complexity, lack of blockchain knowledge, point interoperability and high risks of failure due to performance, security issues and the nascent blockchain industry. The Momentum Protocol is set to solve these issues.

The Aison platform allows companies to establish a web and native mobile app presence quickly and effectively. It has already been used in a number of different industries demonstrating its flexibility. “We are looking forward to revealing some exciting IOT technologies and how we are using that with the Momentum Protocol. As we start to roll out more services to customers this is only going to drive more and more innovation.”

“No other platform than the Momentum Protocol could have given us the flexibility to innovate this quickly. As we are already fans of the MobileBridge Marketing solution and our sports partners were looking for a way to incentivize people to run more and go to their nearest Pacer-enabled track, a short, but intense brainstorm session with the Momentum Protocol team gave us the answer we needed”, says Daniel Le Couilliard, Future Resource’s CEO.

Kees de Vos, Momentum Protocol’s CEO – about the partnership: “The Momentum Protocol is all about enabling innovation on top of a standardized infrastructure for loyalty points. Future resources and the newly introduced Pacer solution is a great show-case for that. The idea to sell your running data for loyalty points from your favorite sports brands, is fantastic and only the first of many more initiatives to come!”


About Momentum

The Momentum Protocol ( enables companies to easily launch new or convert their existing loyalty rewards points onto the blockchain.

This standard, blockchain infrastructure allows consumers to easily exchange their reward points between various programs, giving consumers liquidity to use their points to the maximum value.

Unlike the various loyalty point alliances which some companies join to improve their loyalty rewards program performance – Momentum Protocol solves the complex issues of the need to have commercial trust and negotiations between participating companies. This way, any company size from any part of the world can instantly join and form the biggest loyalty rewards points alliance in the world.

A full API stack allows companies to unlock the hidden value of their loyalty points into their marketing and consumer facing solutions and use points, for example, to reward consumers not just when they purchase, but every time they support their favourite brand.

About Future Resources

Future Resource’s a well establish Tech company develops the ‘Aison’ Cloud Development platform that provides businesses the ability to create apps to reach their customers. Companies can now build a website and an App simultaneously. The platform saves time and money, boosts businesses, engages with customers and promotes brands.

The company enables the making of a dedicated Web and a mobile APP more efficiently. The platform offers an extensive set of functionalities and businesses can realize their ideas just by selecting the already built modules that support them.




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