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Hammerteam – Momentum Protocol – South Korean Government cooperation in the blockchain area

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Zug/Bern, 17. August 2018 – During a visit of a high-level delegation from South Korea this week in Switzerland, a concrete cooperation was sealed: Song Kyeong-chang, Vice-Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Province, Swiss businessman Ariel Lüdi, founder of the Hammer Team – and chairman of the blockchain infrastructure company Momentum Protocol and Eyal Oster President and founder of MobileBridge Momentum have agreed on a three-year cooperation.

The cooperation will support measures that will further develop the blockchain industry in South Korea and Switzerland and bring new breakthrough technologies and innovation. The partners will build and support blockchain initiatives, integrate solutions built on blockchain into the industry as well as train industry professionals.

Song Kyeong-chang, Vice-Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province

Song Kyeong-chang, Vice-Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, was very pleased with the new agreement. “We are fortunate to have found a partner in the extremely dynamic Swiss entrepreneur Ariel Lüdi and his venture capital fund who will support us in the development of our blockchain industry as well as a capable infrastructure company Momentum Protocol which will help drive our innovation and economic initiatives with blockchain technology as the underlying infrastructure”

Ariel Lüdi, founder and chairman of the Hammer Team

Ariel Lüdi, founder and chairman of the Hammer Team, is also delighted about the cooperation. “The visit of the South Korean delegation in Switzerland underlines how attractive Switzerland in general and Zug in particular are in the blockchain world. Such cooperation projects make sense and certainly contribute to the further development of the entire industry.”

Eyal Oster, President and Co-Founder of Momentum Protocol

“With this union, Momentum Protocol blockchain infrastructure and technology will set a new standard which companies in the region would be able to use to drive innovation, create their own tokens and customer points programs and be a real positive contributing factor for the businesses and their customers in the region.” said Eyal Oster, President and Co-Founder of Momentum Protocol. “We will create use cases and drive real world performance in the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, the morebusinesses embrace blockchain technology, the more mainstream it becomes.”

Chin Dae-Je, former South Korea’s Minister of Information and Communication

The South Korean delegation was led by Chin Dae-Je, former South Korea’s Minister of Information and Communication, former CEO of Digital Media of Samsung Electronics and current President of the Blockchain Association of South Korea: “We were thrilled with Switzerland and impressed by how entrepreneur-friendly the climate in Switzerland is. The new South Korean-Swiss cooperation is promising.”

Heinz Tännler, Finance minister of the Canton of Zug

On the Swiss side, the delegation was greeted and looked after by Heinz Tännler, Finance minister of the Canton of Zug: “We in the Canton of Zug are fortunate that the whole world is interested in the Crypto Valley. But we have to take care of the environment. In particular, the access of blockchain companies to financial services needs to be regulated quickly. I do everything in my power to contribute to a solution.”

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