Our 3-layered approach makes the difference

Step 1. The Mobile Moment

We identify the ideal moment to start conversations with each customer at the time that works best for them.

Different people want to engage at different times. We understand the importance of approaching your customers at the time they are most likely to engage, and use data to identify that specific moment for each individual customer.

Existing data

Because the MobileBridge platform will fully integrate with backend systems, from CRM to e-commerce, it can use many data points already held by a brand on its customers, including:

Social profile
User Preferences
Demographic data

Situational data

What really makes the Mobile Moment, is the specific situational data used by the MobileBridge platform, including data such as:

Ultrasonic beacons
Bluetooth beacons
Date & Time

Usage data

The MobileBridge platform monitors what users are doing so it knows at any given time if they are active or passive in the app, if they are looking for a physical store, if they have left a basket unfinished, etcetera. This real-time analytics feeds the pre-configured workflow to make the most optimal customer interaction possible.

App Usage
User Preferences
Asset Engagement
Device Statistics
User Profiles
Custom Events

Mobile moment

Using all these data points and more, the MobileBridge platform identifies the perfect time to connect with each customer, starting a mobile moment at the time they are most likely to engage.

Where other platforms might communicate with thousands of customers at exactly the same time, MobileBridge will wait until that perfect Mobile Moment arrives, and when it does, we provide the right incentive for that customer to keep the conversation going.

Continuously improving the Mobile Moment

The MobileBridge platform is building on the Mobile Moment to make a difference to your campaigns. You get to know your customers better every single time you interact.

And send data back to your CRM

Any data is updated automatically into your CRM, so not only will your future mobile marketing campaigns be better, but your entire marketing efforts will be more effective too. The whole process is a continuous improvement loop: The more you drive engagement, the more you know about your customer and the better your marketing will be.

Step 2: Building a better experience

Customers only have a first experience with you once, so you need to make sure it is memorable, fun and engaging.

We use a toolset that includes videos, games, polls and promotions all designed to motivate your customers to interact.

When the Mobile Moment arrives

We deliver a first experience that really connects with your customer.

How we build that first experience

Having identified the best time to start talking for each customer, we focus on delivering the best rich content to capture their interest and to make sure they want to engage with you.

We ask questions to get them engaged

  • Did you enjoy your shopping experience?
  • Would you like a free coffee when you next come in-store?
  • From 1 to 10, how highly would you rate the in-store service today?

We might have some fun and play a game

Mobile games and gamification are wonderful ways of engaging customers and we have a wide selection to capture people’s attention and get them involved.

We might show them a cool video

There is far more to building an engaging experience than a quick text-based message. The MobileBridge platform enables you to make strong use of rich content, such as videos, to communicate with your customers.

The result?

A better experience, more engagement, significantly better conversion and ultimately a long-term relationship with your customer.

Step 3: Better Activation

Continue the conversation by rewarding people when they engage with you.

In our industry we hear too much about ‘customer engagement’ when in fact, the communication is only one-way. We get customers to keep talking using rewards and incentives.

The key to successful incentivisation

It’s all about knowing your customer and what is likely to get them talking. Just as each person has their own unique Mobile Moment, each person also needs something different to continue the conversation.

Reward the engagement

You need to give people a reason to keep talking and we use incentives such as:

  • Loyalty points
  • Gifts in-kind
  • Money-off discounts
  • Vouchers
  • Gamification credits: bronze, silver, gold

Improve the conversation

Because the MobileBridge platform is constantly learning, while engaging with your customers, the conversations get better and more targeted with every interaction.

The Result?

A productive long-term relationship with your customers!

They get a richer experience and you understand their needs better, both in future
mobile marketing campaigns and across your overall marketing programme.

Request a demo and start connecting with your customers

Mobilebridge introduces a new technology which understands clients real-time mood and situations. By combining our technology with offline store experiences we fulfill the customer needs.