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Hybrid Summit 2018 event

Momentum Protocol Events:

Visiting the Hybrid Summit 2018 event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Momentum Protocol president & co-founder Eyal, our Director Of Business Development, Sander with the one and only super inspirational Miko Matsumura, co-founder of the Evercoin Exchange and one of the keynote speakers at the HybridSummit2018.

The Hybrid Summit 2018 – The Internet of Value in Bangkok, Thailand. Hybrid Summit 2018 is a unique, expertly-curated forum for educating thousands of people on the potential of hashtagblockchain technology.

This event is bringing members of the hashtagcrypto community from all over the world to share, refine, and incubate their ideas. In this hotspot of newcomers and veterans alike, opportunities for learning and investments are abundant.

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