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In-store analytics company EC Technology partners with Momentum Protocol

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In-store analytics company EC Technology partners with Momentum Protocol

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13 September 2018


  • Momentum signs partnership agreement with tailor-made indoor analytics vendor EC Technology


Momentum Protocol announces its collaboration with EC Technology to further expand the capabilities of its blockchain based loyalty and reward program infrastructure.

Zug, Switzerland –September 2018– Momentum Protocol, the Blockchain based loyalty and rewards eco-system, has signed a partnership agreement with EC Technology – a company that developed the EasyCount software that delivers tailor-made, innovative indoor analytics solutions for the retail, hospitality, museum and event industry, to track, analyse and optimize consumer behavior.

Both companies target very similar industries and focus on understanding and influencing consumer behaviour in and outside the physical (retail) environment. The technologies deployed by both companies are very complementary; where EC Technologies focuses on installing hardware for measuring and analysing consumer’s physical behaviour, the Momentum Protocol focuses on the resulting purchases and preferences. Combining the two allows an even further deepening of customer behavioral patterns and adds further opportunity to capture data to optimise consumer profiling and targeting.

The partnership highlights a deeper collaboration between the two companies, who have already explored mutual opportunities in the past and are currently working on various opportunities in the retail space.

The Momentum Protocol (Zug, Switzerland) is set to revolutionize the customer loyalty and rewards market by setting a global standard for launching loyalty points based on the blockchain. It allows companies to quickly create new or convert existing loyalty systems on to blockchain technology, a trend that is taking off with large, but unfortunately failing loyalty systems. The Protocol enables brands to issue their own privately branded loyalty and reward tokens and make these available to improve consumer marketing. This will power unprecedented level of customer engagement, efficiency, liquidity and value.

EC Technology has a wide selection of physical tracking and facial recognition systems, as well as interactive reporting software to map visitor traffic 24/7 per day so that every company, large and small, can position itself in today’s highly competitive market. The company has been active in various markets in the Benelux for more than 10 years.

“With solutions like visitor and passers-by counting systems, facial recognition, in-store heat-mapping, analytics and crowd control we have an all-round idea of how retailers and consumer focused businesses can improve consumer behaviour in their physical location.”  says Erwin Jonkhof, EC Technology’s CEO. “We are very thrilled to have signed this agreement because with Momentum Protocol we can offer our clients an even broader solution; combining consumer behaviour in the physicla retail environment, to their purchase behaviour and preferences captured in the other (digital) environments.”

Kees de Vos, Momentum Protocol’s CEO – about the partnership: “When two successful existing businesses combine their forces magic will happen. By partnering with EC Technology, we will jointly approach the retail and consumer industry to offer solutions that capture both on and offline consumer behaviour in a single dataset, something that will be unique in the market.”

About Momentum

The Momentum Protocol enables companies to easily launch new or convert their existing loyalty rewards points onto the blockchain.

This standard, blockchain infrastructure allows consumers to easily exchange their reward points between various programs, giving consumers liquidity to use their points to the maximum value.

Unlike the various loyalty point alliances which some companies join to improve their loyalty rewards program performance – Momentum Protocol solves the complex issues of the need to have commercial trust and negotiations between participating companies. This way, any company size from any part of the world can instantly join and form the biggest loyalty rewards points alliance in the world.

A full API stack allows companies to unlock the hidden value of their loyalty points into their marketing and consumer facing solutions and use points, for example, to reward consumers not just when they purchase, but every time they support their favourite brand.

About EC Technology

For over 10 years EC Technology, first under the name of EasyCount, has supplied optimization tools for business owners who want to manage store (s) and / or objects.  The company offer solutions that show clear insights in the most important trends and conversions.

EC Technology offers a total service to their customers. The company provides the entire process of advice, delivery of innovative measuring systems, installation, data management, software and the control or maintenance of the systems.

EC Technology has developed the EasyCount software. This software offers custom-made solutions that are focused on the optimization of conversion for cash register and personnel planning.




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