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Korea Global Leaders Forum 12-13 November 2018

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On November 12-13, the Global Leaders Forum 2018 took place in Seoul, Korea for the fifth consecutive time, where Eyal Oster, Momentum Protocol President and Founder, spoke to global leaders from around the planet on Blockchain and personalization.

About Global Leaders Forum 2018

The GLF 2018, hosted by TV Chosun, is Korea’s premier international forum where global leaders come together to discuss and provide solutions for the issues that Korea is facing today. World-renowned political leaders, global corporate CEO’s and scholars have participated in the forum since it was first held in 2013.

The theme for this year’s event was ‘The Invisible is Changing The World’, bringing to the table subjects like Artificial Intelligence, the Bio-Revolution, Blockchain and Climate Change.

In session 4 on November 13th, Blockchain experts like Alex Tapscott (Founder of Blockchain Research, Author of Blockchain Revolution),  Alexis Sirkia (Co-founder of GSR, Market maker of Cryptocurrency Ripple and Momentum Protocol Advisor), Gwan Ho Kim (CEO of Hunimal Blockchain) and Momentum Protocol’s very own President and Founder Eyal Oster spoke about blockchain and the personal economy. As we know, the key to blockchain technology is de-centralization. Everyone, not just traditional banks and governments, potentially gains the ability to personally document E-commerce and view transactional information. The security system of blockchain also increases the credibility of this personal economy. Could blockchain replace the traditional economy to enable a world in which the individual becomes the center of the economic system? Could cryptocurrency be an eternal flame that runs the new economy? Such questions were the subject of focus in the discussion.

Also attending was Momentum Protocol Advisor Prof. Youngsook Park, and even Blockchain-legend Brock Pierce made a cameo for dinner with the Momentum Protocol Team.

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