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Linfinity Press Release July 2018

Linfinity x Momentum: Technology as a Bridge between Imagination and Reality

Momentum News: Last month we signed a partnership with Linfinity.

Hereby an excerpt of the press release:

Linfinity, the Singapore-based platform specializing in the integration of blockchain and supply chains took another step towards growth and development on 18th July, having signed another Memorandum of Understanding with Momentum in Seoul, South Korea. The signing of the MOU for both companies represents a co-operation towards the commercialization of the blockchain industry, and also to jointly promote the use, education, and further development of blockchain technology.

From a technical point of view, the services Momentum has to offer makes for good chemistry with companies specializing in supply chains. “We work with many companies with sustainability goals, like saving water and managing waste. To do so we must make sure the chain is untouched, the origin of the products must be correct.” Momentum Founder and President Eyal Oster said. “It was difficult to find a worthy partner, but Linfinity is one of the best companies specializing in blockchain that we’ve seen. This is why we decided to link up with Linfinity,” he added.

Read more about our union in the Digital Journal.

The partnership was also on ABNewswire.

Our signing is also on film. Source: Korea IT Times

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MobileBridge Momentum signed with LinFinity