August 9, 2018  •   Events Momentum

Momentum Protocol Private Event in Zug, Switzerland

Momentum Protocol Events

This August we will be hosting a private event for project participants, token buyers and advisors in Zug, Switzerland.

On the 13th and 14th of August, we will be hosting the first part of our private event program of which the second act will be in Tel Aviv, Israel.


At our private event in Zug we welcome the following guests:

Professor CHIN Dae-je – Chairman of the Korean Blockchain Association, former Minister of Information and communication, former CEO of Samsung Electronics, Digital Media and CEO of the Skylake investment group.

Professor Youngsook Park – Korean chair of the UN millennium project, Korean Director of Momentum Protocol, most networked female in Korea and strategic advisor to the Korean National assembly for Blockchain and crypto currency.

Alexis Sirkia – Managing Director Yellow Capital Fund I and Co-Founder GSR.

Song Kyeong-chang – Vice-Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.

Dr. Lee Gand-Chul – Board member of Korea Telecom, former National assembly member and former Secretary for civil society, the office of the president of Korea.

Malcolm CasSelle – CEO Worldwide asset exchange and early investor of Facebook and Zynga.

Mr. Jhun Ha-Jin – Chairman of the self regulation committee of the Korean blockchain association and former Korean national assembly member.

Mr. Woo Tae-hee – Head of Industrial development committee of the Korean Blockchain Association and former Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Dr. Kim Jee-han – Chairman of the Krypto Exchange Committee, Korean Blockchain Association, CEO of Hanbitco exchange and Advisor to NH Investment & Securities.

Mr. Jeoung Young-Jyun – Director of the Blockchain marketing association of Korea and Director of the Crypto Syndicate.

Mr. Sheem Mensub – Director of the TSP investment Group and Syndicate.

MobileBridge Momentum Zug Event Aug 2018

Agenda overview August 13th

Ariel Lüdi will welcome our guests at the Town Hall City of Zug and will introduce Heinz Tännler, Finance Minister of the Canton of Zug. Mister Tännler is going to give a presentation about the Economic and Innovation promotion in the Canton of Zug.

After that Martin Wümli, Town Chancellor of the city of Zug is going talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain & the City of Zug, followed by Professor René Hüsler, Board Member of the Crypto Valley Association. Professor Hüsler will explain more about the Crypto Valley Association – A local Initiative that will be going global.

After lunch from the distinguished Rathaus-Keller restaurant Matthias Ruch is going to talk about the Investor’s Perspective of the Crypto Valley Ecosystem.

Of course we will keep you up to date with the latest and we will be updating you with more details about the event these coming days.

In the meanwhile visit the Momentum Protocol website!