October 30, 2018  •   Knowledge Momentum

What is Momentum Protocol?

About Momentum Protocol

Blockchain-centric loyalty reward points infrastructure.

• Enables companies to launch new or convert existing reward points programs on to the blockchain.

• Companies can create their own, branded loyalty points on the blockchain.

• Consumers can easily redeem or swap their points for other reward points programs.

• An eco-system combining development, implementation and distribution partners.


What is our vision?

Momentum will set the global standard and be used daily by hundreds of millions of consumers to earn, redeem and manage their loyalty points.

• Companies of all sizes, globally, will join the world’s largest loyalty reward network without the need for trust or complex negotiations.

• Marketers will have access to the world’s largest and highest quality, consumer data insights pool.

• Momentum Protocol will release the full potential of the $500Bn reward points market by unlocking points liquidity and boost earning capacity.

Watch a short film about the current loyalty and marketing problems customers and companies encounter and, the solutions Momentum Protocol has to offer!

Special thanks to Melway one of Momentum Protocol’s partners and ambassadors!

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