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Momentum Protocol Zug Private Event Weekend Update

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Momentum Protocol Zug Private Event Weekend Update! As we wrote earlier, on the 13th and 14th of August, we will be hosting the first part of our private event program for project participants, token buyers and advisors in Zug, Switzerland.

In 2016, Zug started allowing Bitcoin (BTC) payments for certain municipality services and this Juli the Zug municipality successfully completed a trial of blockchain-based voting.

Zug is home to “Crypto Valley,” a cluster of companies and foundations. Over the years cryptocurrencies and crypto technology have become one of fastest growing fields of investment and entrepreneurial, with billions invested in the sector.

By cutting out middlemen and decentralizing services, crypto technology – also known as distributed ledger technology or blockchain – drives efficiencies in existing businesses and creates new business opportunities.

The development of the technology is clustered around the following key hubs: Silicon Valley, New York, Malta, Gibraltar, Singapore and Switzerland.

Because of Crypto Valley and Switzerlands’s tax-free policy for crypto investors, the country is the number one most blockchain-friendly country in Europe.

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Agenda overview August 14th

We will start the second day of our Zug Private Event on the magnificent Hammer Estate with James Breiding, visiting scholar of the Harvard University. James will give a presentation about the Swiss Made: The Untold Story behind Switzerlands Success.

After that Martin Hess is going talk about the Legal Perspective of Blockchain in Switzerland and after the break Martin is followed by Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director Digital Switzerland. Mister Bürer will explain more about Switzerlands position in digital transformation and the role of digitals in Switzerland.

Following lunch Momentum’s advisor and founder of the Hammer Team Ariel Lüdi will take the stage explaining more about Hammer Team a Growth Accelerator, followed by Alain Kunz CEO of Coinlab/Token Suisse.

We will keep you up to date with the latest details about the event these coming days.

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