September 5, 2018  •   Momentum News interviewed Song Kyung-Chang of Gyeongsangbuk-do

Momentum Protocol News, Korea’s largest website interviewed Song Kyung-Chang, Head of Gyeongsangbuk-do Jobs, Economy and Industry Devision about Gyeongbuk’s “Future Industry Strategy”.

In the article, Song Kyung-Chang, tells about his visit with the Korean delegation in Zug, Momentum Protocol’s Korean Director Prof. Park Young-sook, co-chairman of the Global Block Chain Association and the Hammer Team.

As the article states “For the cooperation of the block chain technology, Lee Chul-woo, Gyeongbuk branch, made a benchmarking team before the election on behalf of this branch. Jukes is a city that is emerging as the home of block-chain start-ups. Hammer Team, a block chain accelerator specializing company, has also concluded a business agreement to promote the industrial ecosystem of block-chain in Gyeongbuk, to nurture professional manpower, and to promote joint cooperation projects.”

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