November 21, 2018  •   Momentum News

Momentum Protocol Newsletter October 2018

Momentum Protocol Update

A lot has happened since our last Newsletter! We apologise for the radio silence, but we have a very hectic few months behind us.  

Watch our Newsletter for October and November to learn more about on where we are with the Momentum Protocol project.   

Promotion and Marketing 

We attended some great events over the last 6 weeks: 

  • Hoshocon in Las Vegas 
  • Crypto Summit in Zurich 
  • Blockchain Summit in Malta 
  • Global Leaders Forum in Seoul 

The GLF event was a stand-out event for us, where we spoke alongside Brock Pierce, who also believes that loyalty will be the key use case for blockchain to go mainstream – a great endorsement. During the same trip Eyal Oster, Momentum Protocol President and Founder, was officially initiated as a member of the Blockchain Advisory board for Gyungbuk province – the first province in Korea to issue their own crypto-currency and a partner of ours.  

Business Development 

Partnership conversations progressed with global companies such as Deloitte and Nielsen, the world’s largest consumer research company.  

Product Development 

The team will soon deliver the next large iteration of our product, focused on delivering a scenario where consumers can earn and redeem tokens on a website, are processed via our APIs and stored on the blockchain. Following on from this, transactions will be visible on the wallet app. This is a key foundation scenario for us.  

Our plans  

Although our original intention was to stage a full public sale, we believe that holding a ‘traditional’ public sale for our token, is no longer appropriate considering the state of the market. The profile of token sales has changed dramatically over the last months and a ‘Public Sale’ as a vehicle has largely lost its impact in the current market, especially when the required effort and investment is considered. 

However, we feel it is important to honor our community and the people that have supported us over the last year. With that in mind, we will keep our whitelist open until the end of the year and for those people that would like to purchase tokens, we will offer the opportunity to participate in the sale following the green light from the regulators.   

Of course, we would like to create an economy around our token and, in particular, make our token available to buy for those people who would like to use the Momentum platform as soon as it’s launched. It is with that intention that we are looking to list our token on crypto-currency exchanges early next year. 

Do you want more information on Momentum Protocol? Read the Momentum Protocol Presentation or Light Paper.

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