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Momentum Protocol Newsletter September 2018

Momentum Protocol Newsletter September Update

September was a month of partnerships!

Watch the Newsletter September update about where we are with the Momentum Protocol project.

What’s new?

New partnerships

  • Flashboys
  • EC Technology
  • Moneytable
  • Future Resources

Momentum Protocol Private Event

  • Tech• by Retail Week & World Retail Congress

We were selected to speak at this event to showcase how blockchain technology can be applied to and disrupt the retail landscape.

  • Singapore – Consensus

With Consensus attracting 8,000+ attendees and 50% of those being from outside the United States, Consensus: Singapore is our answer to the growing demand for specialized content and enhanced networking opportunities to satisfy the global appetite. CoinDesk is excited to join TechXLR8 Asia by enhancing the connected innovations with blockchain technology and crypto assets.


Major News Outlets picked up our story

  • Naver.com interviewed Song Kyung-Chang of Gyeongsangbuk-doMomentum Protocol News Naver.com, Korea’s largest website interviewed Song Kyung-Chang, Head of Gyeongsangbuk-do Jobs, Economy and Industry Devision about Gyeongbuk’s “Future Industry Strategy”.
  • Zuger Wirtschaft – Zug and BlockchainMomentum Protocol News Zuger Wirtschaft – Zug und die Blockchain This week Momentum Protocol is featured in the special edition “Zug and Blockchain”
  • Momentum Protocol featured on Irish Tech NewsMomentum Protocol News Our CEO Kees de Vos has written an article about the future of eWallets


Come and visit the Malta Blockchain Summit and connect with us!


  • EC Technology – a company that delivers tailor-made, innovative indoor analytics solution for the retail, hospitality, museum and event industry, to track, analyse and optimize consumer behavior.
  • Future Resources – the tech start-up offering a software development platform on which customers can easily build custom made apps and websites.  Both Momentum Protocol and Future Resources will be looking to increase the adoption of their platforms as a result of this collaboration.
  • Flashboys, a leading systems integrator in areas where blockchain, the Internet of Things and automated trading platforms converge.

Our website is updated! Visit the Momentum Protocol website.









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