October 16, 2018  •   Events Momentum

Recap HoshoCon 2018 – Las Vegas

Momentum Protocol Events

Our Director Business Development, Sander de Bruijn, visited HoshoCon 2018 – Las Vegas on October 9th-11th and connected with some inspirational crypto influencers.

HoshoCon 2018 – Blockchain Security Conference

HoshoCon 2018 is the premier three day event focused on the importance of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency security for individuals and businesses alike and the ideal place for Sander to meet new ambassadors and potential token buyers.

In the photo gallery you’ll see Sander with a few people he connected with, like crypto author Andreas M. Antonopoulos “Be Your Own Bank”, his book “Mastering Bitcoin” is a great book to read!

The crypto industry connects people all over the world. It’s a fast growing community with kind people like Sel Lmyin and Hosho’s Morrie Low.

Bitcoin celeb Kenn Bosak showed a refreshing point of view on Bitcoin and crypto in general, and we also met with Erin Hoensch, co-organiser of the HoshoCon 2018.

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